WRITING: Inspiration…

…a.k.a. the kick in the ass.

From Ruth at Writer’s Blog, today’s post titled "Stop Light" may be what I need.  The backyard has failed me of late, the dark garage nights are no more–since the "No Smoking" signs light up in my head.  A few days spent lakeside did nothing to stir up the Muse.  I felt she had drowned there, unable to swim.

Need to expand my visual arena, go beyond what is safe and too known.  Though the known can still surprise and be valuable both for its grounding as well as its open sky, the unknown beckons with mysteries and somehow I must find the mettle to open the door. 

The eggshell has broken long time ago and I must learn how to fly.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Thank you Susan. I’ve been searching for the muse lately too.

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