LITERATURE: – A Service to Readers

I received an email from Lucy at and decided to check out the site.  I found it to be very helpful in checking prices of a particular book, and it’s prepared to lift your Amazon Wish list and price out all the ones you’ve been saving up to buy.  It includes shipping charges, and the notation of used or new, though I’m sure it doesn’t include every single used book some of the larger stores may have listed on their site since this is often updated daily. 

One neat thing is that it allows you to track the price of a book via an rss feed, and I’m going to try this out to check its useability.  I know I’m going to be using to save myself a lot of back and forth checking and in fact, to discover some new sources to feed my literary appetite.

A permanent link has been set up here.  Check ’em out. 

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