LITERATURE: The Master and Margarita – Some Pre-Finale Thoughts

1.  I do not quite "get" what happened to the end, with the Master and Margarita and will go back and read that short chapter again.

2.  In the epilogue which relates the aftermath, there is a hunt on for the visitors, Korovyov mainly being sought as the mastermind.  Behemoth’s actions as a cat are explained away, as are the many fires and oddities such as the theater-goers’ nakedness en masse to either hypnosis or mob mentality.  There appear to be some lessons within Bulgakov’s words such as to not prejudge by appearance, and the wrongness of punishing the innocent.

3.  There is some confusion here as Margarita and her maid Natasha are listed as "missing," especially after finding Margarita’s note she left for her husband.  Natasha has voluntarily chosen to remain a witch and kept her form, but Margarita and the Master were died at the hands of Azazello and reincarnated in a spirit form.  While the Master’s physical body was left at their burned-out apartment, Margarita’s was returned to her fancy home, to be found as a victim of a heart attack.

Will come back with some final thoughts shortly.

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