NEW MEDIA: We Have a Winner!

So very proud of friend and teacher Steve Ersinghaus for achieving the Reading Room Prize at Hypertext ’07 in Manchester, England for his novel The Life of Geronimo Sandoval.  Thanks to Mark Bernstein for the heads up and for his reporting of this major event in New Media Hypertext.

I’m just finding my way around this intricate novel and as usual, getting lost in its story and paths.  But I have been preparing to review this here and will begin as soon as I’m comfortable enough to know what I’m talking about. 

Storyspace is looking more and more like it’s in my future writing, though the transition as a focused one-track-mind and unplanner of plotting goes contrary to its more thought-out method of narrative.

Steve is one of the most forward-thinking people I’ve had the pleasure to know, with an odd mix of off-the-wall creative energy tempered by an abiding respect and knowledge of order. He’s a natural at hypertext as he manages to see all the various paths open from any given point and being accepting of all, can then manipulate the mapping to accomodate the "ifs" in story.

Great job, Steve.  Congratulations!

(Duplicate posting at Hypercompendia)

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2 Responses to NEW MEDIA: We Have a Winner!

  1. steve says:

    Thanks, babe. You’re sweet.

  2. susan says:

    Yeah I’m sweet (huh?) but you’re talented and I’d rather be talented than sweet.

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