REALITY?: Season/Semester

It’s funny, even at my age the school year affects me.  Once based upon the agriculture and seasonal harvest, the school year continues with its summer-free schedule.  I’m still looking for a class to take, even as I look for full-time employment (I need a change and would like to depend upon a more steady flow of income than my frameshop provides) I seem to gravitate towards the academic environment.  I’ve put in for nearly all I felt qualified to perform at Tunxis CC, though I was talked out of applying for a custodian position that just opened up there.  This week I’m submitting my resume et al to two places: one a college in Southington and the other an elementary school a town or two over. 

These are clerical/administrative postions–but it makes me wonder why I never considered being a teacher when I was much younger.

The other pull at my heart and mind appears to be the harvest.  Vegies, fruit, canning, fermenting, jelling, all the the things I cannot bear to see go to waste. 

I would have made a good pioneer:  a farmer or a schoolmarm maybe.

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