LITERATURE: The Life of Geronimo Sandoval – Imagery

Engage the senses, the books say.  Poetry teaches this and poetry shows it best:

(Pen on Geronimo)

Pen looked white and vulnerable herself on the bed, her naked legs folded beneath her, her eyes glittering with sins to come.  We’d lit candles and opened the sliding doors to let in the scented night breathing off the mountains, cricket chirps and night larks owling.

"eyes glittering with sins to come."  That describes the moment and it describes the future.  Maybe Ersinghaus is right; maybe they’re one and the same. 

We get the sound, the scent, the visuals and the imaginings, i.e., "larks owling."  I personally love making nouns do the work of verbs. 

Movement:  "the night breathing off the mountains."  Touch:  the warm smoothness of skin on skin in "her naked legs folded beneath her." 

There.  In a couple of sentences, we’ve been asked to open ourselves up completely.

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