NEW MEDIA: I have links!

I think it’s time I moved my Storyspace adventures over to Hypercompendia, a weblog devoted to the arts of new media and hypertext in particular.  For one thing, as a learning experience the posts tend to get either glorious with discovery or take on an oh crap! what did I do? aura.

So while I may duplicate post here, the journal of the journey will be at Hypercompendia.

But it was exciting:  I had a map space laid out all nice and neat with title pages and links to the beginnings of four stories and one was on its way and I wanted to take a screenshot ’cause I was really proud of myself, y’know, but didn’t know how to do it and before I could open the manual to see if it could be done I’d messed around some more and lost the perfect image.

Next I’m going to do a text link, although I can’t until a good portion of the other stories are properly set into their boxes.  One good thing about using a ‘finished’ piece (I intend to do a lot of editing): I know I have a chart done up in Word that shows the paths.

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