NEW MEDIA: Storyspace – With Malice Aforethought

Unlegalesed that means plotting and story.  In Storyspace, it seems that while your options are wide, wide open to follow wherever a thought leads you so that story winds back on itself and is ever-moving, unhampered by the tube top of linearity and story that needs to fall back on foreshadowing and backstory and where will I stick that? there will always be a need for organizing the threads.  I think of macrame’ and how the threads move from the base this way and that, meeting here and there and sometimes never again but all threads are tied up at the end of the body of work.  And a single piece made up of patterns and designs becomes the whole.

But, you do have to have some idea in mind as to how you will keep track of the different threads.  Shall I separate them by character–though the characters meet many times–or by motif which may be the best way of all.  Certainly not by time.  Time is the element we purposely have eliminated from our stories.

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2 Responses to NEW MEDIA: Storyspace – With Malice Aforethought

  1. Creechman says:

    I’m sorta following what you are saying, but….. it’s all so ridiculous.

    Clarity, Simplicity, Elegance, Vigor, Variety.

    I think your latest reads never make it to number one.

  2. susan says:

    You can’t read a book unless the author has learned how to write with pen and paper, or type on a pc and learned how to save the file. In other words, the tools are a large part of the finished work. Once the user learns the skill, it becomes second nature. In any case, the reader never sees what goes into the sentence he’s reading and is left with the story alone to enjoy.

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