TECHNOLOGY: Building Structure

Finally got back into the rebuilding of the main PC and was a bit upset to realize that the motherboard has only one plugin for an EIDE hard drive while it has two for the SATA.  I hadn’t even thought about it but what gets me is that in this barebones system that included a CD/DVD unit and a hard drive, neither one is set up for SATA.  I usually have TWO hard drives and a CD/DVD player which would require at least two ribbon cables, and now it looks like I’ll have to forego the second hard drive and eventually buy a new one with SATA connection.  It is also going to make it difficult for me to as easily and safely transfer the hard drive data onto the new drive; maybe impossible for the O/S because it will need the CD to confirm it. Yet the M/B does include a plug-in for the floppy drive!  I guess this is why there’s such a huge range of pricing in parts and why you really need to look at things closely and read all the specs, especially if you haven’t been current in building in the past couple of years.

But ohboyohboyohboy–I should be getting the new monitor today. 

And even more ohboy:  I should be getting a new propane stove delivered for the shop this week.

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