REALITY?: Prepping for Retirement

We married late in life so I am more lax about the habits that are decades deep.  Some things, however, do require behavior modification.  That’s on both sides, of course, but he doesn’t have a weblog and I do.

For many of the years we’ve been married he’s worked at a corporation that has a week-long shutdown between Christmas and New Year’s.  Fine.  It’s paid and he can do whatever he likes with the free time.  However, there’s one thing that he’s got to get over:

What’s for lunch?

I don’t do lunch.

This time it only took two days.  But after eighteen years you’d think he wouldn’t try it anymore.  Now he’s a great help on meals and loves to cook so I’ve little to complain about.  And his being home means I don’t have to get up at 5:00 a.m. to make a sandwich for him to take to work.  However, I’m thinking ahead to his retirement.  Him being home every day, every week of every year.  I just hope he has this lunch thing down pat by that time.

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5 Responses to REALITY?: Prepping for Retirement

  1. easywriter says:

    LOL…Maybe by then he will understand that if he wants lunch he’ll have to make it himself. :oD

  2. Cindy says:

    I’d suggest that up-at-5 a.m.-make-the-sandwich routine be moved to the night before, freeing you to sleep as late as you want.

    Of course there are ways to get out of doing this altogether; just make such a horrible sandwich or lunch that he’ll never ask again! 🙂

  3. susan says:

    Actually I don’t mind the 5 am wakeup unless I don’t get to sleep until after midnight. I like the early morning solitude (after he leaves). It’s a quiet time, as if the whole world is still asleep except for me.

  4. I think retirement is almost as much of a readjustment as being newly married or having children. Almost. It has a lot to do with ownership of time. People still need their personal time, somewhere in all that fresh abundance of together time.

    I don’t do lunch either. Throughout my away-from-home work life, I usually read a book during my lunch break. It’s most surprising to me, now that I’m home, how few little pockets of reading time I’ve set aside for myself, except late at night when I’m brain-tired. This year I plan to claim back my reading time.

    Happy New Year!

  5. susan says:

    I’m fortunate in that having my own business I can bring books to read and the laptop to write into the shop with me. You’ve been busy I know on your writing and my New Year’s wish for you is that the words roll out in a continuous narrative. Happy New Year!

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