TECHNOLOGY: Parts is Parts

Well, it’s as I thought.  I hooked the laptop up to the new pc monitor and it worked so I was able to contact Dell and had a lovely online support chat:

8:56:31 AM  Agent SMB_Miguel_167710
I am sending a replacement
8:56:47 AM  Customer Susan Gibb
Oh my. Is he really that sick?
8:57:06 AM  Agent SMB_Miguel_167710
would you like to receive the part and replace it yourself or a tech?
8:57:23 AM  Customer Susan Gibb
What part are we talking about?
8:57:46 AM  Agent SMB_Miguel_167710
the whole LCD with cables
8:58:24 AM  Customer Susan Gibb
I’ve built pc’s, so I might be able to do it. Is it difficult? Am I covered for a tech?
8:59:06 AM  Agent SMB_Miguel_167710
is not difficult
8:59:21 AM  Agent SMB_Miguel_167710
sending the parts take less time
8:59:53 AM  Customer Susan Gibb
Okay. Let’s do it that way then. I love the little guy and the faster he’s up and well, the better.
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2 Responses to TECHNOLOGY: Parts is Parts

  1. creechman says:

    You neglected to mention if the support person was from Bangalore or Hyderabad. I tend to like the southernmost support people myself.

  2. susan says:

    Well here’s the good part: Because I did it online, I didn’t have an accent to worry about. That’s why I was afraid to call because I didn’t want to sound stupid if I didn’t understand the tech person and I didn’t want to offend them either.

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