Always and ever. Doubletaking courses just to connect with the environment of learning, though it’s no more than a study center in my living room dawn to dusk.

Love this Marsedit thing I now use for posting into all three weblogs and in between I’m skyping with my nephew John.

To not be twenty five again, but forty with a future that time could allow. Twenty-five is still too stupid to make all the right decisions and even now, my batting average isn’t great–though far better than I was at twenty-five, and far far better than a majority of nowadays youth.

Still, I need more time; there’s too much going on that I could miss if I don’t turn quick enough to catch it.

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  1. creechman says:

    Time time time.

    Got the Mac understood yet?

    It’s like Gabriel Garcia Marquez said over and over,
    some sort of repeated progeny.

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