WRITING: Commitment

From Loretta’s post this morning on Pomegranates and Paper:

“I think that meeting other artists is the most wonderful aspect of taking classes.”

She’s talking about a jewelry making class here, but Loretta’s one of the best naturally talented writers I know.

And so, it’s back to class for me as well this Spring, retaking a Creative Writing: Fiction course just to get the feel of an environment composed of writers.

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3 Responses to WRITING: Commitment

  1. Jo says:

    That is exactly what I’m wanting: a community of fellow artists. Kindred spirits, lovers of words composed in lyrical prose or enchanting lore. I love your blog, and I feel your a friend of mine! Well, I’m off to explore more of this wonderful blog.
    – Jo

  2. Lisa Kenney says:

    I’ve made a lot of really great people and kindred spirits through the retreat and the workshops I’ve taken. I think it’s a great complement to all of the “invisible friends” (as Scott likes to call you) that I’ve met here.

  3. susan says:

    Jo, welcome to my schizoid world. I do most of my writing in hypertext lately, on another weblog called Hypercompendia (link on top) but I’m taking the course to really get back out on the edge.

    Lisa, I love your husband’s “invisible friends” label! That’s just about what it comes to because there’s a side of each of us that we show to our blog buddies that the reality friends may not even know about.

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