CLASS NOTES: 2/28/08

Some good workshopping last night; excellent group that covered just about every point of critique on each of the four stories.  This proves my theory about having a small but knowledgeable writing group as the optimum setup, and will consider this in the Thomaston grouping, though there’ll be much more than workshopping involved there.

All the supposedly close reading I’ve d0ne all these many years on a very consistent daily basis, yet I  rewrote a fellow student’s story so that a cracked head that’s bled out to the point of a panther licking the brain was a survivable injury.  Okay, so I’m not used to fantasy but this wasn’t a case of Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner.  Need to give it all the time and attention it deserves and will set aside quiet time to read instead of reading on the fly.

Good point made by the Professor: What are the consequences of the either/or decision made by the protagonist in the story?  Are they important enough to make the reader care what he/she does?

Back to work on hypertexting tonight. Might be able to use what I do on Hypertextopia to illustrate the medium serving double duty in a workshop submission, since it is easily accessible versus the closed circuitry of Storyspace.

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