REALITY?: Changing Times

No, I don’t believe reality shows are true views into reality, but sometimes they do show flashes of human nature and there are some things that just stand out. 

The judge/court shows, i.e., Judge Judy (who uses common sense and the law but I must say is incredibly rude) do have a bit more of the uncoached about them.  When I notice a trend, I think that there is a bit of insight offered as to how things are going.

There is an astounding number of young people who a)feel it is perfectly all right for them to admit they were drinking when they’re still three years away from legal drinking age; b) honestly believe that their inability to pay back a loan (often for jail bail) is a legitimate reason for non-payment. They will often turn around and countersue for harassment over the phone calls seeking payment. 

There were always deadbeats and ignorant people; but there seems to be more and more of them lately.  I don’t blame the kids–I blame the parents, and their parents and back to whoever created the monster in this current day of entitlement and irresponsibility.

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2 Responses to REALITY?: Changing Times

  1. Anne says:

    Reality shows have very little to do with reality, and much more to do with greed and the illusion of fame.

    You’re right, of course — it all goes back to the parents. However, as both parents work more hours to pay for gas, health care and basic living expenses, there’s little parental time left for the children. And you know, we kind of sucked it up when we realized that a single income just wasn’t cutting it for the average famiy, but where do we go when two are no longer enough?

  2. susan says:

    By parents I suppose I meant even more; I’m including myself and my generation as those that allowed this to happen. We should not have needed two-income families, we should not have put ourselves and ‘our’ children into this situation. I don’t know where we go from here, now that as you say, it DOES take two incomes to survive for a large portion of the population. But in some families, all it does is add to the problem because not only is there no mom at home and home-cooked dinners, but the kids are going around with this extra guilt money in their pockets and things that they dont need. It’s like the mother who gives in to the screaming kid at the supermarket–it makes the most sense at the time as the easiest and fastest end to the scenario.

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