REALITY?: Personal

Cardiologist pronounces me healthy (cholesterol cut in half, BP 118/68, lungs making happy sounds) and we agree to go off some of the drugs.  Chantix for one, with a promise of Wellbutrin if needed–but not for depression, rather nicotine withdrawal–like why?  After three years of unremittent depression, no increased suicidal tendencies from Chantix, and no medicinal relief from depression and stress, now that I’m free of both through time and circumstance alone yet bearing scars of wrinkles and grey hair, why would I need it now? And off Prevacid with Prilosec OTC as backup. Trying to explain to him that the stress was likely the cause of any acid reflux anyway and since I was born I’ve had the stomach of a goat, though tin cans are still tough to tolerate.

So if I’m nearly back–or will be in fifteen years–to a status of close to non-smoker, then maybe the old genes will kick in and I’ll be around for thirty years or more.

(Update: Did I forget to mention the extra 8 lbs. the office scale added on?  There’s no way I can be 118 lbs. I accept the 110 and will begin the battle against it to get back down to 100 or 105 but that’s it.  Unless the calcium has been adding to my bone density and reversing the aging process…yes!  That’s it!  It’s all bone weight!)

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