REALITY?: Proposals and Propositions

While I’m in the shop drinking frozen latte’ (it was cold last night!) I’m realizing that I need to organize my current workload better and maybe prioritize by time and deadline.

There’s a submission on creating in hypertext that’s due; a press release on why folks should join a writing branch of the FACT so that somebody will be at the April meeting and we can get some ideas in motion; a hypertext story I’m trying to work on in between bouts of mundane mind production; and of course, the ’07 books to finish up and bring to the accountant. There’s more, but these are the biggies right now.

So why am I, on a Sunday morning, sitting in the shop pretending to be framing?

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4 Responses to REALITY?: Proposals and Propositions

  1. Anne says:

    My only responsibility is to be crabby. Fortunately, i can do it anywhere, any time, and there’s no deadline to worry over. I call it the nanner nanner boo boo lifestyle. 😉

  2. susan says:

    Hah! Your only responsibility is to be crabby and you can’t even do that!

  3. Anne says:

    Yes i can. I like you, dammit!


  4. susan says:

    Well, I like you too. Only I’m afraid to say so ’cause you’re always so crabby and I’m scared you’ll yell at me.

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