CLASS NOTES: 3/12/08

Well we workshopped my hypertext piece, A Bottle of Beer, and I’m grateful for the input on story.  Many of the suggestions have already been integrated into all rewriting accomplished today.  Though I hate to put this aside until it’s really "orderly and polished," I’ve come to a point where I’m not too sure what else can be eliminated through even more brutal editing.  There are two or more lexias I’m considering pulling completely, and I still have to find some character symbols on the web for proper Spanish spelling and oh yeah, a better slang word en espaƱol for penis.

It was great to see a few of the students really into the hypertext experience and anxious to try it themselves.  Thankfully Hypertextopia allows this opportunity and if anyone reads this weblog, you can certainly e-mail me for help on the technical end of you need it. 

The professor then went into the Storyspace environment and together a story was started into the software to illustrate the ease of writing and the capability the format offers.  Hypertext is a very different way of reading and writing and to some it will be a joy while others will not see its appeal.  It can be confusing, disorienting and yet if one is open to the process, it is in many ways more fulfilling and stimulating in its layers of story. 

Nice way to enter the spring break.

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