Workshopping of Molly’s story, focusing particularly on edge and changing point of view.  Also discussed from FFF, The Great Open Mouth Anti-Sadness and Things You Should Know.  Particular emphasis on voice in these stories, and on turning point.

Took a field trip down to the main hall of the building and after studying it, returned to class to write down simmered into two sentences a description of what we saw there. 

The great hall yawned in an echo of arching space bordered by blocks of soft colors of the Southwest.  Lit from thousands of sources of all shapes and sizes that harmonize into a corridor of silence. 

Or something like that–I don’t have my notes with me here. Point made as to describing without using abstract words,  i.e., large, big, tall, wide, narrow, and project via image, simile, metaphor, sensation that pricks memory to imagine.

Mid-term portfolio due next week (‘cept me) before spring break and the large rabbit commeth.

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