REALITY: Dance-Driving & Singing now too!

Yes indeedy, I’m one of those idiots you see bouncing around in the driver’s seat to inaudible music.  I know it looks goofy–I’ve laughed at others just like me.  This morning though one song flowed into another and I realized that something was different; I was singing along! 

Hadn’t been able to do that much in the past several years, a gritty cigarette voice does not a Janis Joplin whiskey-sound make.  It just cuts out on you and you can’t reach the notes anymore.  But with some smokeless time behind me now, I can sing–not well, but sing without being offkey or losing the voice. 

So sing I did, bouncing around in my seat through the long winding road of the mostly woods to my house.  Tapping, and bopping, and singing out loud–except for those few lower-lip biting Derby-cool moments of acoustics alone.  City of New Orleans is a fairly long tune.  I’m a fairly quick driver.  Okay, so I sat in my driveway till it finished.  Luckily my neighbors have seen this spastic performance before and didn’t call for the ambulance before the song ended, I shut off the car and got out; the very image of middle-aged lady coming back from her Saturday errands.

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  1. Creechman says:

    So you’re the crazy lady. I heard about you on AM 1070.

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