WRITING: Oh yes, all 8,000 words.

No opening lines, false starts or examples of dialogue, character, setting and such.  A whole story emerged this past week and it’s done–up to the point of rewites and editing.

A new form of hypertext, completely written and read online at the Hypertextopia website,  A Bottle of Beer was just what I needed right now to concentrate on writing without caring if anyone liked it or not.  Though frankly, I haven’t heard from friends who’ve I asked to take a quick gander at it, but I suppose, traditional or hypertext, my writing is not going to be so different in style as to grab their attention and comment if they didn’t like my straight text either.

Love the concept of this site, from the idea of hypertext to the accessibility of the finished form of story for both the writer and reader.  While it’s not typical hypertext theory of offering many path choices to the reader, it likely suits me still and offers a very user-friendly format as a transition between traditional and the hypertext work found in Storyspace for example.

More to come.

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