REALITY?: Rainy Day Discoveries

A day for reading, writing, paying monthly bills.  But this comes out of the blue: We have 56 chairs in this household.

I may well be one of the few who rented a tent for a baby shower but didn’t need to rent chairs.  I once comfortably had a family sit-down dinner for 21 people (and obviously had many chairs left over).

19 Chairs are considered outdoor furniture
  5 Chairs are rockers
  6 Chairs are kitchen chairs
  2 Chairs are easychairs
  1 Chair is in the frameshop
  1 Chair is ergonomic (one of those dumb kneel-on things)
  2 Chairs are computer office chairs
  4 Chairs are antiques
  2 Chairs are desk/sewing machine chairs
  3 Chairs are to be recovered someday
  8 Chairs are folding chairs
  3 Chairs are sit-down-and-take-off-your-shoes chairs

Knowing this, having taken mental inventory and established this as fact, I can now move on to something else.

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  1. Roberta S says:

    Susan, I’ve attended enough of those wine and cheese doos where there are NO chairs, and where people are supposed to easier intermingle while standing and milling about with wine glasses in one hand and cheese plate in the other. How irritating it was? I’d enjoy any celebration at your house. Obviously, enough seating to take my ease.

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