REALITY?: Sauerkraut Soup

It’s something I haven’t made in a long, long time.  It was a favorite of mine that my mother made.  Boil pork ribs until tender, to the water add a can of cut (with scissors) sauerkraut and a can of Habitant Pea Soup.  Cut the pork off the bones into chunks and add back into the soup, add salt to both offset and enhance the sour taste and plenty of freshly ground pepper.

One thing I couldn’t find is the Habitant soup–I used Progresso instead and it looks sort of the same. I also forgot to throw in a couple bay leaves, and could have started it all with a can of beer which is what forms the basest base of all my soups. 

Obviously you need to like the flavor of sauerkraut and both of us do.  Though in one of my best chocolate cake recipes I use a can of sauerkraut and you don’t taste it at all.

Brave enough to try it?

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