REALITY?: Unreal Reality

I love the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond, and it’s even funnier the second or third time around, but I think there was one I hadn’t seen and I’m glad I caught it tonight.  It’s up there with the Mary Tyler Moore show with Chuckles the Clown’s funeral.

What’s it about?  Marie lies about her sex life, claiming they do it once a year.  The truth from Frank: a couple times a week. But the characters in this show and the writing just makes it.  The simple idea of Marie snooping around Debra’s house while she’s asleep on the couch, finding something she desperately wants to ask about, and going out the door and ringing the doorbell.

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2 Responses to REALITY?: Unreal Reality

  1. I like that show a lot too. I think my favorite one I’ve seen recently was when the guys were all supposed to be in therapy and went to the races instead.

    TV needs more good comedies, and other forms of entertaining variety. I think if I watch another police or medical show I may recycle the TV.

  2. susan says:

    Yes! That’s bound to become a classic. Even though some of these sitcoms don’t truly reflect reality, there was a realism about the characters and some of the situations they came up against that rang true for all of us.

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