Good workshopping last night.  Within the three stories we covered tense, humor, dialogue pacing, imagery, setting, types of conflict and various methods of resolution, building tension, importance of event, character building, and detail.

For me personally, after having already taken two prior creative writing classes, I would have to say that this is one of the best groups as a whole–albeit a small class.  Each individual seems to grasp the elements of writing and the importance each aspect makes to the whole as a story, and each appears to have a genuine interest in writing story rather than having taken the course for less dedicated reasons.  It is great to see the learning process in action as changes to story are made after workshopping sessions.  Each writer considers all commentary and seems to know what to apply. There is a wide diversity of genre interest, from sci fi and fantasy to traditional, literary and contemporary.  Perhaps even the distribution of age range varies the experience that makes for a more interesting cauldron of narrative, and offers input based on a greater degree of perspective. 

Will be sorry to see this semester end.

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