LITERATURE: Jamestown – Language

Been emailing back and forth with my soon-to-be 14 year-old niece today, and bacause of Jamestown’s Pocahontas and my previous comment on her immaturity, I’ve compared the two young ladies.  While I can’t find the exact type of language used, there’s something that screams "Teenager!" from within the words.

It’s funny.  Zoee, like Pocahontas, was struggling with using a different language in daily life when she lived in Spain (they’ve just come stateside to Tennessee and she’s getting used to English but not spoken as she, a New Englander for most of her life, has heard it!), just as Pocahontas is using English other than her natural language–some form of Indian I assume.  What’s funny is that the teenager has a language all his or her own that is yet a modification of the main tongue, and that is what comes through loud and clear.

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