REALITY?: Dexter

Not feeling real good about this new CBS show. I’ve watched it several times, twice tonight for the back to back season finale.  It’s about a serial killer who only killed other killers, had a horrendous experience at age three, and now helps the police get other serial killers.  He, however, still kills killers.  He just killed his brother, another serial killer. 

He also has a girlfriend who has a problem with her ex junkie, ex husband, and Dexter solves that problem temporarily by knocking the guy out, loading him with coke, thereby landing him back in jail.

Dexter is All-American cleancut, hailed by the NY Times as the best new TV drama. It’s well put together and as action-packed and gory as any CSI or Law and Order show.

I happen to love the dark side of the human mind, and evidently I’m not alone here.  But personally, I don’t like evil glamorized and made to seem justifiable and normal.  There are enough crazies out there in real life that are considered normal.

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