CURRENT AFFAIRS: Somebody get the hook!

God knows, Hillary won’t get offstage any other way.  You’d think she’d quit spending other people’s money in these hard times she pretends to understand when Obama has been declared the winner. Remember, she loaned her campaign personal funds–while her supporters donated.

I don’t dislike Hillary for her pop-eyes and pantsuits; I dislike her because I feel she’s sleazy and power-hungry.  She may have hoodwinked a lot of people into believing her dedication is for America and its people, but such intense commitment is to her own ego–not out of any altruistic feelings.  There’s a charisma that old Bill had, and that made a lot of people overlook his shortcomings.  It troubles me that when Bill lied about little Monica–looked me and the rest of America right into our camera’s eye and lied about the affair–and then well, gawrsh, yes, he did do wrong and he’s really sorry but he didn’t think fellatio was considered sex, he’s anointed as having human failings, after all.  Yet Bush stumbles on a word and it’s headlines that he’s an idiot.  And Hillary, well she bit her tongue–in public anyway, because a puppeteer doesn’t show the strings, because all she’d fought for would’ve gone down the tubes if she turned her back on him now.  He’d cheated on her many times before; just hadn’t gotten caught so publicly.

Let me say this: Of all the candidates initially seeking the presidential throne (shhh–don’t tell Hillary there’s really no throne!) in this campaign, my own position on the issues most closely resembled that of Hillary Clinton.  The problem was this: I believe in them, she doesn’t.  That’s why personality and actions are just as important in my assessment of candidates–all people in fact–as their statements. Anyone can quote the Bible. All you need to watch is Reverend Jeremiah Wright, or even Osama Bin Laden to see how words can be interpreted and twisted.

I only hope that Barack Obama is not pressured into asking her to be a running mate.

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