EDUCATION: The Furthering Of

Even as I tell myself it’s useless to a career at this point in my life, I’m still wondering if I shouldn’t go for a quickie degree that will serve as some sort of credential.  Central? Charter Oak? University of Phoenix?

It’s rough watching everyone else moving on while I stagnate because of indecision. They’ve youth and ambition on their side and I’ve no need to be the 90 year-old getting a PhD, still jobless and wasting time and money on the acquisition without the opportunity to use it in some way (I’d need a doctorate at least, it seems, to overcome the obstacles). 

If I could just be sure about a next-time-around–and of course, some memory of the importance of all this–I’d just sit it out.  If this is it, though, well I guess I may have blown it.

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