LITERATURE: 100 Poems – Color & Movement

I don’t pretend to know very much about poetry but there are words that sing when strung together in lyrical form:

and then the memory is round and she bends
and touches her fingers to the water

like a butterfly touches its wing tips
to a blue the sky paints with clouds

This is the July 6th entry in Steve Ersinghaus’ ambitious 100-day match of poetry to Carianne Mack‘s inspirational watercolors, a project the two Tunxis Community College professors have taken up for the summer.

There is such lovely imagery here, words that match the colors and soft edges where the paints fade into white paper.  There are generations of each image, as Carianne’s artist’s eye interprets what she sees in nature’s setting and conceives a newborn life of flower, petals, blades of grass.  Movement of water, clouds are deftly flowed onto a blank white sheet with brush and color by the visual artist; and regenerated as a textual language by the poet.

Beautiful stuff.

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  1. Indeed. I’m a sucker for poetry, myself, but there are lines that I’m sure have universal appeal that way. Those you posted are quite special.

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