REALITY?: Generation Gap

You can worry about politics and platforms all you want, but I tend to worry more about society affected by medical conditions and so-called cures.

On tonight’s news, 8 million girls have been injected with Gardasil to supposedly offset the possibility of certain cancers, and now, quite a while later, the medical profession is asking "…but is it safe?" 

Earlier in the news, the suggestion that we consider getting children as young as 8 on statins to lower cholesterol in foreseeing a future (thirty, forty years in) of a high rate of heart disease (and high medical expenses).  BTW, I find it rather sad that this generation who is so pissed off at the baby boomers for collecting their (delayed) social security and not having enough children to pay into it, is now at the heart of this new impact on society’s health and financial security by being and raising obese children.

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