REALITY?: On the Defensive/Offensive

071708rAfter an early morning bout of running around the habaneros and
zucchini in my bathrobe chasing two wabbits out of my gawden, I went
first thing to Ace Hardware and bought 3 50-foot rolls of 2-foot high
chickenwire to wrap around the perimeter of the fence they can squeeze
through (despite my bubblewrap borders).

Yes, Mary Ellen, they’re cute (there’s a mama and babies) but enough’s enough.  I grow things for people to eat. I’m not a ‘gentleman farmer’ but a mere step below a real overalls and permanently dirty fingernails farmer. Also, I let this family live under my shop through the winter and spring but I didn’t expect to have to feed them as well.

Also, the poison ivy that keeps me watchful as I weed (it’s everywhere!) may have met its match with Roundup.

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2 Responses to REALITY?: On the Defensive/Offensive

  1. Ernestine says:

    I saw the word poison ivy and it brought back horrible memories.
    I now live in my city cottage one year. No poison ivy. But before that at the country homes the poison ivy would not leave me alone.
    I would always have to get a shot and take pills. Sometimes twice a year. They made me feel like I was on a high.
    One of the worst cases I got was one year off the the wood I burned in my fireplace!!!!
    Good luck to you.

  2. susan says:

    Yes! The smoke is the worst; that’s the way I got it once in my eyes because my dad and I were burning the field.

    Strangely, this is one thing you don’t outgrow or develop a sensitivity to it as you age like other allergies.

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