LITERATURE: Ragtime – Stretching Reality

This may in fact be another example of narrator reliability, in the mix of fact and fiction:

The motor idled.  Only Jung noticed the little girl in the pinafore standing slightly behind the young woman and holding her hand.  The little girl peeked at Jung and the shaven-headed Jung, who was already disagreeing on certain crucial matters with his beloved mentor, looked through his thick steel-rimmed spectacles at the lovely child and experienced what he realized was a shock of recognition, although at the moment he could not have explained why. (p. 43)

Upon reading this, I am tempted to research the fact of Freud and Jung on this motor trip through New York to prove its accuracy.  Would I find what Doctorow has not given the read: any clue as to why Jung feels this "shock of recognition?"  If, in fact, he did; if in fact this trip to NY was made and if they passed a little girl in a pinafore at all.

See, things like this bother me.  I really must learn to relax and go with the flow. 

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3 Responses to LITERATURE: Ragtime – Stretching Reality

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Don’t peek behind the curtain…

  2. susan says:

    ME, I’ve always been one to do so, preferring to know the inner workings, the unsaid details of story. It’s just another of my adorable personality flaws.

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    I’d rather maintain the illusion than be disappointed. No wonder I hate the ending of that movie.

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