CURRENT AFFAIRS: Balance and Reason

Not for me to point you to yet another political commentary, but for me, I like Megan McArdle’s take on things, agree in a lot of cases, but just find her to be a no-b.s. intelligent voice on many of the things going on around us.  This, for example, I feel is spot on:

"It would be nice if everything that went wrong in the world was a
result of the scheming of our ideological opponents.  But the sad fact
is, stuff goes wrong.  All the time.  And there is usually no villain
behind it."

There are always a couple of ways of looking at things: the (Republican/Democrat) administration is responsible for the (good/bad) economy when in fact, it’s often just a case of who’s sitting on the throne when the economy drives itself up or down from forces not under government control.

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2 Responses to CURRENT AFFAIRS: Balance and Reason

  1. Boy, that statement is so true. I can have a bazillion things go wrong right here at home. No one to blame, no Repubs, no Dems, no monkeys — though sometimes I think my cat thinks she’s a monkey. But usually I can’t even blame her. She’s just being a cat in a human house. Politicians are, unfortunately, just being politicians — though some of them are better at it than others. 😉

  2. susan says:

    Yes, sometimes it’s the confluence of events in the fertile season and sometimes –it happens; blame is as readily pinned on others as success is claimed for ourselves.

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