While my mind is pretty much made up as to how I’ll vote in the presidential election, I am looking forward to the debates.

For me, aside from stance on issues and proven record, any campaigning done up until now is watched just to see how the candidates handle themselves. What they’ve said so far has just been campaign slogans and bs the crowd needs to hear.  The conventions are speeches written far in advance for whoever steps into the nomination.  By the way, I prefer to read the speeches the next day and in truth, am reading them for the writing skill above all.

But the debates are another matter.  That’s a think-on-your-feet discussion to some extent, though all questions are anticipated and easily prepared with answers. Yes, I allow for mispronunciation and surprises; just watched an Obama clip that looked like a Paula Abdul moment for him when the teleprompter wasn’t working.  Stuff happens.  Lies will still present themselves as good intentions, and a communication course will help the nervous speaker.  But the one on one is still an interesting indicator.

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