LITERATURE: 100 Days – Available in Book Format

Proud to announce the availability of 100 Days:


By Carianne Mack and Steve Ersinghaus   sersinghaus

What’s inside 100 Days: the vivid relationship of color and sound, image and
metaphor, the seen and unseen bleeding through the soft white surface.

100 Days captures the pairing of a creative challenge by artist
Carianne Mack and poet Steve Ersinghaus to create a watercolor a day
and a poem a day for one hundred days over the summer of 2008.

Large Format Landscape 13×11 inches (33×28 cm) 204 pages

Published: September 17, 2008

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2 Responses to LITERATURE: 100 Days – Available in Book Format

  1. ersinghaus says:

    Thanks for the plug.

  2. susan says:

    Well I’ve added you to my “books to purchase” list in the sidebar; you’re right between Diaz and Gay, an admirable though alphabetical position.

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