REALITY?: Too funny…

This message just came in my email and I must say, it made my day:

Engr. Jürgen Krügger made you
a beneficiary to his WILL.
You are advised to contact
me with my personal email

Of course, I jumped up and down in glee (marveling how the signing of my own will yesterday became a sign of giving that comes back threefold) and immediately replied:

Dear Barrister (…):

I cannot tell you how timely this news comes to us, amid the current financial atmosphere in the U.S. and our own layouts of cash for a new furnace and medical expenses. Please do let me know how much and how I can claim the proceeds of the will.

While I do not exactly recall knowing Engineer Jürgen Krügger, I’m sure it was at a certain wild night in New York City and I do remember having gone off for the night with a man with a European accent and having a really good time.  Evidently, so did Herr Krügger, and I’m not a bit surprised that he’d remember.

My sincere condolences on this loss, and I eagerly look forward to your reply.

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