REALITY?: Oven-Broke Apple Pie


Not my best, and a bit burnt on the edges, but when you end up using the Weber  gas grill to bake a pie, at least you know that you can.

It’s a question of should the old gas stove be replaced or should I bother with calling in a repairman? It’s an old, cheap oven that came with the house, likely 35 years old, and the plan is to eventually renovate the kitchen so I wanted to wait until I know where and what size stove I’d get. Hate it when I’m forced into making an emergency decision or purchase. But with the current state of the economy, I’m hesitant to spend a penny more than I have to for anything.

Then again, I can’t see me roasting Christmas dinner outside in the snow…

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  1. Barbara says:

    Now that’s ingenuity. I’ve heard of baking a pizza in a Weber. Never heard of doing apple pie that way.

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