WRITING: Submissions

Been spending the day wandering from one computer to another to another where each is doing something different between updating, listing, reading and writing. Neat to network, but I always forget which unit the image or letter or link I'm looking for is on.

Also doing laundry and made a pot pie for dinner but the main focus is getting the blogs ready for transfer, and getting my submissions out before the end of the month. Using Duotrope, I'm running through a list of 2300 literary magazines and so far, have gotten just through the "I's" in the alphabetical order, checking out the websites, then sometimes bookmarking and more often, adding a selection to a spread sheet (handwritten on a columnar pad) to make some sense of the stories I have available and where I've sent/planned to send them.

One of the new things is the online submission system that many of the journals have adopted. It's simple, easy, and too, too tempting to use. That's one of the reasons I'm forcing myself into a more systematic way of keeping track of things. With the variables of print or electronic, submission via online, email or snail mail, and the reading dates, it's important for me to limit myself to the top mags that I would like to see my work in–and, of course, which would be more likely to like the stories I write.

It's a snowy day, change the bed and do the laundry, type of project.

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