REALITY?: Welcoming an Era of Change

Many things will fall into place as a normal economic cycle regenerates itself and from the depths of near despair a new prosperity emerges based on rational and necessary changes. Religion and science can co-exist beyond their basic conflicts. Time and mood conspire to offer chance; that mix of elements has come.

On this Inauguration Day may the fragile substance of hope become the grounding of reality, may dreams shed their transparent nature to metamorphose into an equality of opportunity that America was born to represent. May whatever means of thought process that brought us to this point become secondary to the momentum that it offers to move in different paths towards a common goal of liberty, justice and security. May those both who voted against, and for, President Obama look beyond the color to see the man.

May our new president, Barack H. Obama continue to display the intelligence, caring, knowledge and willingness to not only represent but listen to and support the American people to the best of his ability.

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  1. Creechman says:

    I completely agree.

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