WRITING: Writers as Fools

It seems that the author–or his/her publisher–I've tried to graciously instruct against leaving his/her self-marketing blurbs as spam comments on this weblog isn't smart enough to take the hint and attempted to place two more comments this morning before I took the time and trouble to block any further commenting.

But I will give them the notoriety they seek by publishing the name of the author: S. G. Kiner (commenter using M. L. Kiner) and the publishing house (POD) as Strategic Book Publishing Co. sans links because I've found that anyone Googling them is likely to land on this post as well and see the reality beyond the hype and the lengths to which self publishing can sink. This gives me great pleasure.

In checking out this first book by this author on Amazon, I find two reviews and the obvious: glowing, long, overstated, by reviewers who have not reviewed any other books for Amazon; in other words, likely written by friends, family or the author himself.

There are loads of good writers out there. I think that I have been one of the most active in encouraging others in their writing endeavors and a cheerleader for good writers and for friends who are striving to be published or to improve their work, but I will not be used by some bozo to sell books.There is no reason to use spam as a marketing tool if you're any damn good at all.

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2 Responses to WRITING: Writers as Fools

  1. cbgrace says:

    Publishing companies tell us to “get the word out” about our books. It is is hard…even if you are good simply because there are so many books available today.

  2. susan says:

    Agreed, but leaving a marketing blurb on a weblog that you haven’t read, haven’t commented on their post topic, likely picked by their affiliation to some literary category, is tantamount to plastering your “Jerry’s Hamburgers” right on a McDonalds sign. It’s outrageously rude.

    This comment was nothing more than a “buy my book” and so no different than any other spam from sexual aids to poker plots. The proper thing to do would have been to email the weblog owners if it seemed appropriate and ask them to read the book and review it.

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