POETRY: Checking in at the Halfway Mark

With the first half of National Poetry Month gone by, thought I’d check in with the folks at Poemaddiction among my picking up poetic inspiration at fictionaut and at other spots along the way together with some of my favorite poets off the shelf.

Here are a few lines from Morning by Nick Rego that were so alive with image and meaning:

Standing still, observing
grey fabric flapping as she moves
while underneath a color is bursting to
break free (…)

And from Odd Man Out by Bianca, these opening lines set the tone of movement and sensuality:

love swings her hips
and saunters by

Neha brings past memories of a different lifestyle into the present in her poetry and that produces some lovely imagery, as in Frosted Feet:

remember how we loved and lived then?
and how we would link our arms through
each others, dancing our way
through the darkness at midnight?”

Evan writes some heavy duty poetry, and most of his work is heavy with metaphor and simile that evokes images of great intensity. Here, in Along the Way:

the little raindrops
spun around the street drain
like little boys in firemen suits
pretending to be grown-up
as they jump to their death,

And a man who works in many mediums, many forms, Steve Ersinghaus, offers some beautiful images in April 8th:

like the sun going down
shadowed like a warm
canyon that echoes
whispers, old songs,
memories of soft touches
now and to come, under blankets,
in back seats, on couches

As well as some straight talk simple and relative to our lives, here in its entirety, April 7th:

I don’t remember april 7
nobody really does
like water we stepped
through years before
that’s long dried
and colorless.

Great stuff, no? Check out poemaddiction to catch up on what’s been posted and what’s yet to be conceived and written down.

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4 Responses to POETRY: Checking in at the Halfway Mark

  1. Evan says:

    It fills my black, tar-stained heart with joy to see that there are people who love poetry. Thank you for promoting us. 😀

  2. susan says:

    You’re welcome, Evan. What’s the use of calling attention to poetry and the arts if we don’t support each other.

  3. Nick says:

    Thank you so much for the mentions! 😀 *muwah*

  4. susan says:

    No problem–keep up the great work!

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