Literature–how it ages

In being forced to update my websites, it occurred to me that with most of the world writing on computers these days, and despite backups, a life’s work could be lost with a glitch, the newer versions of code that do not support the old, the going out of business of a host or server, or the simple flick of a finger on keys.

I’ve luckily been able to buy a separate floppy disk reader that can plug (with additional connectors) into my limited 4-outlet MacBook. I have a novel on floppy disks. I also have a lot of Willie Nelson CDs that do not have a player in the car. And how about those LPs…

In comparison to the written word–in a physical sense, i.e., a book, a painting, a rock cave wall–which can last for centuries and beyond. Curious, I did some searching on the web; the oldest physical book is over 2,600 years old.

How’s that make us feel?

10 of the Oldest Known Surviving Books in the World

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