NEW MEDIA: The Dark Sunny Future

Here’s something I would like to do; play with rainbows, rearrange their hue of banded symmetry–add a color maybe two, and tile them across nature’s original desktop sky.

Someday someone will; because of Bill.

And leave the leaves on green for three weeks longer.  And yes, paint snow upon their oranged selves before they fell.  Not just a reason to extend the warmer season, but because I could, and this will be a possibility as well.

Alpha waves will hold the sunshine, transitioning will replace the flash-forward of an early dust of snow.  Thinking hard will have the birds rebuild their nests again in autumn, and daffodils will bloom beside chrysanthemums, or if you’d like, we’ll iceskate on the pond in April, maybe kittens will become a species in itself, and, and, and…

It will all someday be possible, you know.

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