WRITING: Tension, Drama, Gooey Eyeballs

I’ve spent the afternoon picture framing, putting off putting in the o/s on my new computer, and thinking up some nasty business for my storehouse of protagonists to face. 

The guilt-ridden mother may have a worse secret than just the fact that she feels her husband only married her because she was pregnant.  Marilyn is going to be surprised by who comes ringing her doorbell on New Year’s Eve.  The lady in the mirror will find out her husband had an affair.  Aunt Cara will die and the state will take the farm away from her devoted niece.  And Few the garbage heap may soon see a dump truck in his future. 

Conflict?  I’ll give them conflict!

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2 Responses to WRITING: Tension, Drama, Gooey Eyeballs

  1. mark says:

    How about the conflict between you and your now anthropomorphized operating system?

  2. susan says:

    I knew I was boring everyone to death with my technology jaunt. Sorry! But I do have the new system working now, and I’m danged proud of myself.

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