REALITY?: The Symbol

Every day I seek him in the sky, outlined on the branch that is his own.  Today, finally I see the eagle, a hood of white above the wide black span of outstretched wing.  He circles over the brook, his talons grip my heart and carry it aloft a while to soar above the earth.  I watch, he drops it like a fish into the water.

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3 Responses to REALITY?: The Symbol

  1. Mark says:

    hmmmm, as if a bird of prey would drop a fish into the water. hmmmm 😉

  2. susan says:

    Not on purpose. I spent some time trying to find a post I made here a year or more ago about the huge trout I found underneath a bush right outside my shop. Even eagles don’t always have a grip on things.

  3. Sallie says:

    Nice words in just the right place. Survival of the fitest{did i spell that right?}. That be you.

    Nice “new” Banner up there: Bravo!

    Good thoughts sent back… in the form of HUGs. Hope the New Year is looking good. :-}

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