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Even as my fingers waffle between the print button and the wait-a-minute-this-would-sound-better-editing of the keyboard on Big Tim Dawson, and with my cover letter zippy and not my usual Suzie Secretary proper with a touch of a self-deprecating please?, I am pleased to read and point out this article by Alex of Bookface that he’s readily shared with Metaxucafe readers:

Literary Carpet Bombing Campaigns

But back to these literary carpet bombers a moment, and their form cover letters. There are a number of strange philosophies guiding people when they write a cover letter, most of which are hilarious and some of which are mystifying.
There’s nothing better than getting it straight from the horse’s mouth (no offense meant personally, Alex, except I suppose at the use of such a cliche’).  Unfortunately, some people trying to break into the world of published author also think they can break the rules as well; check out the comments on Miss Snark’s posts on the simple requested SASE here and here.
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  1. Alex C says:

    Hey, thanks for the link. I’m glad my comments could be useful. Any questions about the world of lit journals, just ask.

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