Very interesting theory of taxation distribution over at Marginal Revolution.  (Follow their links as well.) There’s a concept of improving the work ethic and the economy by decreasing income taxes based on age.  But of the younger, rather than the older workers.  Of course I had to get in on this one, biting back my instant response of "That’s the dumbest idea I ever heard" to make some attempt to understand the logic.  After all, these are economists here and I readily admit I don’t understand all the ramifications and thought processes other than what initially looks like common sense.

And while I’m at it, wouldn’t taxation based upon age be a prime example of age discrimination, no matter which way it was based?  This alone gets my hackles up.  I’m automatically against any government proposals or legislation that would give the government power that specific laws in place already affirm as immoral or illegal for individuals of that government.  This is the prime reason I am against capital punishment.

Looks like a few courses in Economics might be in my future along with Literature, Philosophy and New Media.  I may have to live a lot longer than I thought to get through all I need to learn yet.

And then, if some people have their way, pay higher taxes.

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2 Responses to CURRENT AFFAIRS: Income Tax

  1. Mark says:

    What is inevitable is that we will all be forced to pay higher taxes, the currency will be devaluated, the underground economy will continue to grow until it reaches a social breaking point, ushered along faster now with blanket acceptance of illegal immigrants as social welfare recipients.

    I don’t understand your argument against Capital punishment on the basis of law. I can appreciate your point of view, although we disagree. I think capital punishment is a moral necessity. But laws change all the time as do their interpretation, of of the crises actually facing our legislative branch of government.

  2. Mark says:

    I meant “judicial” branch of course, and “one of the crises”. Typing too fast and thinking about how to handle all you women spending the night. 😉

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