REALITY?: Better than Quizzella

More expensive, too, but I think it is money well spent. 

On Monday morning I finally will have someone I trust and respect  in the justice system tell me whether I am an anal retentive ass, or whether three other people are regular ordinary asses.

That’s all I wanted to know!

Whenever there is adamant disagreement, you have to accept the idea that either one of you is wrong, or both are.  Everyone’s sense of what’s fair and just is different.  I believe that if someone is taking a stand opposite mine, then they believe in their heart that they are right, just as I do about my own position.  Unless of course one party is just being evil, which in the cases I am presented with recently, I do not consider at all.  Incompetence, misguidance, sense of fairness, self-serving interests–all these play a part and are understandable and forgiveable.  My self-doubt about my own motivation is why I seek out unbiased and knowledgeable help.

If I turn out to be a real jerkass, I’ll post it here openly.  If it’s the other guys, I won’t say a word.

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