A little strange, although it has happened before:  I went to my "Creative Writing" folder on the hard drive, then "Stories Started," and curious, opened a file called "Gazpacho " and came upon two pages of a story started almost a year ago.  I read it, then starting writing where I had left off. 

All I was looking for was a basic idea for story for use in Storytron.  A simple scene or idea with enough characters and conflict for a potential story line that held possibilities for interactive play.  This I’d use to build a framework of verbs and script choices that are relative instead of random.

I can see that there will be writing habits to overcome to be able to use the Storytron SWAT program effectively.  It’s a whole new direction in process not only for me, but for all the potential users.  One of the things I do like about it–as well as Flash8 as a tool for story–is that the process is technical, but creative in that very technicality.

It’ll be interesting a year from now to check my hard drive for files under a folder named, "Interactive Stories Started."

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